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Our Story

Our family life has always revolved around sharing good food. We believe that traditional Mexican food from recipes that our Grandmother Maria perfected over time must be preserved and shared. This requires sourcing classic ingredients and crafting each dish the same way our family has made food at home for generations. We are proud of our family gem based in California, "La Cabanita Restaurant" whose authentic Mexican dishes have been celebrated in the press, by locals, celebrities, foodies, and tourists for decades. We have been privileged to work with our family for many years and be part of a team committed to serving our Authentic Mexican Cuisine recipes and sharing our love of good food with our diners. We are delighted to open our newest restaurant in Monument, Colorado where we can share Grandma’s recipes with you. As you savor your meal, we hope you will enjoy the experience of real Mexican cuisine that has been passed down across several generations.


Welcome to Jarrito Loco.

- Angel and Angie Jimenez


Colorado Springs restaurant boasts family recipes with strong Mexican roots


  • Aug 23, 2018​

monument mexican jarrito loco carnitas
Jarrito Loco Monument Colorado Springs tacos
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